Manado 7 Night Sulawesi Adventure Package

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Murex Manado Resort: 7 Night Adventure Package

Stay for seven nights at Murex Manado and discover the rich culture, pristine coral reefs and stunning natural beauty of this region of North Sulawesi. Trek to the rim of a volcano, scuba dive or snorkel in tropical waters, immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of local markets, and find peace and tranquility at Sulawesi’s largest crater lake. From the moment you arrive you’ll feel well looked after by our warm hearted team. Enjoy morning breakfasts overlooking the ocean and days filled with exploring and discovering this incredible location in Indonesia.

Day 1: Our welcoming staff will meet you at Manado airport and transport you to Murex Manado Resort. Depending on your arrival time it is also possible to visit the local Waterfall at Kali on this day too.

Day 2: Discover the phenomenal corals reefs of the Bunaken Marine Park with a day of snorkeling. You’ll discover a vibrant underwater world which is teeming with life and bursting with color. Look out for resting turtles on the reefs and dolphins leaping and playing alongside the boat.

Day 3: Explore the Minahasan Highlands including treking to the crater rim of Mahawu Volcano, experience the hustle and bustle of a traditional local market in Tomohon, enjoy the views from the Makatete Hills, and relax with a leisurely lunch at 600 meters above sea level on the side of Lake Tondano, the largest crater lake in Sulawesi.

Day 4: Mangrove discovery day. On this day we take a boat trip to Tulap Village, which is to the south of Murex Manado Resort. Mangrove forests are home to birds and reptiles and they also form nurseries for juvenile fish. Try kayaking through the mangroves while looking for wildlife, and there is also the opportunity to snorkel on the nearby coral reefs. During these trips we look out for dugong, the Indonesian sea cow which is closely related to the manatee and feeds on seagrass in the shallows.

Day 5: Visit the Tangkoko Nature Reserve and see some of Sulawesi’s most iconic and endemic species in their natural environment including tarsier monkeys, the Sulawesi black crested macaque, hornbills and other rare bird species, butterflies and lizards. Lunch includes a traditional barbeque over coconut husks on the beach in Tangkoko.

Day 6: This day includes several options; choose between a laid back day relaxing at the resort with an optional traditional ox cart ride; take a boat ride to Manado Tua Island and climb to the top of the dormant Manado Tua volcano for stunning views over the Bunaken Marine Park islands; enjoy another day of snorkeling Bunaken’s stunning reefs; take a tour of Manado City and stop for traditional Sulawesi ‘Kopi’ (coffee), prepared over hot coals in one of the local coffee shops; or take a morning trip to our local morning market and learn how to recreate some of the flavors of North Sulawesi in a cooking class at the resort.

Day 7: Depending on your onward travel times, enjoy time relaxing at the resort or head out early to the airport with our driver, after our team wish you a fond farewell and bon voyage!

7 night package including 7 nights full board accommodation at Murex Manado, airport pickup and drop off, and all activities
$995 per person (based on double occupancy)

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