Highlights of Snorkeling Batu Mandi – Bangka


Did you know that the name “Batu Mandi” literally translates to “shower rock”? A Mandi is a traditional style of Indonesian bathing where one uses a small bucket to scoop water from a bath and douse themselves.

You might not take a bath while you are here but you will be treated to some astonishing coral reefs.

Batu mandi coral
Soft coral formations around Batu Mandi

Around the rock pinnacle of Batu Mandi is a shallow coral garden where we see a plethora of marine species from small schools of glittering glassfish through to moray eels swimming through the reef and larger marine life, including occassional turtles. Look out for the black, yellow and white striped sweetlips which hover in the shallows.

Batu Mandi
Look out for sweetlips in the shallows

The corals here are predominantly soft corals with a mix of hard coral bommies – all of which are bursting with color and teeming with life.

Conditions at Batu Mandi can be extremely calm so you’ll be able to take your time and observe the prolific marine life.

It’s possible to swim from the boat to the nearest beach where you can walk on the pristine white sand before jumping back into the water.

It’s no wonder Batu Mandi is one of our favorite snorkeling sites from Bangka Island!

snorkel Batu Mandi
Schooling glass fish are often seen in the shallows

Do you want to experience and see more of North Sulawesi while you are here?

Why limit yourself to exploring one area in North Sulawesi when you can discover three in one phenomenal trip? Bunaken -> Bangka -> Lembeh: Snorkel over the staggering shallow hard coral gardens of the Bunaken Marine Park, explore Bangka island’s kaleidoscopic reefs and discover the World’s most bizarre marine life in the Lembeh Strait. Snorkeling boat transfers from resort to resort mean no wasted travel days – just snorkel and explore your way around some of Indonesia’s richest reefs and land sites with our Passport to Paradise!

Snorkeling Bangka
Moray eels can be seen swimming among the reef

Each location boasts a wealth of natural beauty, rich culture, stunning landscapes and a range of activities

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We look forward to exploring North Sulawesi with you soon!