Murex Explore More 2020

Explore More 2020
Explore More 2020

Murex Explore More 2020


12 Days of Exploration from 20th June – 1st July


Discover one of the most phenomenal regions of Earth with expert presenters and hands-on discovery, adventure and fun.
Turtles, Coral Reefs, Primates, Tangkoko, Mangroves, Rainforests, Bamboo and Sugar Palm
snorkel Batu Mandi
Coral Reefs with Vincent Chalias

Explore North Sulawesi’s coral reefs with world renowned coral expert Vincent Chalias. Snorkel the kaleidoscopic coral reefs of Bangka Island, Bunaken’s staggering walls, visit the coral nursery at Murex Bangka and plant your own corals as Vincent reveals the secrets of reefs.

Heath and snorkeling
Sea Turtles with Expert Chris Brown

Snorkel in the Bunaken Marine Park with leading sea turtle expert Chris Brown. Chris will introduce you to the resident populations of hawksbill and green sea turtles, their habitats, biology and life cycles. Chris will explain the importance of protecting these endangered species.

black macaque
Primates with Selamatkan Yaki

Trek through the Tangkoko rainforest with Sulawesi’s leading macaque conservation organisation as we search for the endemic Sulawesi crested black macaques and the tiny tariser monkeys. Observing these rare primates in the wild is an experience of a lifetime.


20th June – 1st July 2020
11 nights (5 nights Murex Manado / 6 nights Murex Bangka)

A holiday experience unlike any other.

From snorkeling with turtles and helping to generate new coral reefs through to spending time with primates in the wild

and exploring primary rainforest – all with renowned experts on hand.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to experience some of the most unique wildlife and ecosystems on Earth.

Mangrove Forests

Mangrove forests are one of the most important and yet threatened ecosystems on Earth. Explore these magnificent waterways by boat, sea kayak and snorkel. Join our mangrove expert as we venture into a melting pot of nature where reef meets rainforest.

Bamboo Sulawesi

Considered mystical in some cultures, bamboo is one of the most versatile natural resources in South East Asia. Although threatened in some regions, bamboo flourishes in North Sulawesi and with our bamboo expert we’ll explore its uses, properties and mythical roots.

palm sugar Sulawesi
Sugar Palms

Palm trees carpet the fertile lands of North Sulawesi and coconut and palm sugar are staple ingredients in traditional Indonesian cuisine. Our palm expert will guide you through the many traditional and organic uses of palm – with some sampling along the way.

Tangkoko Tour Sulawesi
Murex In-House Guide: Rico Taramen

Our in-house tour guide Rico Taramen will be supporting land based activities and sharing his extensive local knowledge and experience. Rico, who originates from Manado, has been guiding guests around North Sulawesi for almost 20 years and has a particular interest in tropical birds, the ecology of Sulawesi and Tangkoko wildlife.

Rico also has expert knowledge in the culture and history of North Sulawesi and he will be sharing his insights into the people and traditions of the region throughout the Explore More 2020 event.

Explore More 2020

Murex Explore More 2020 (20th June to 1st July 2020) includes:

  • 5 Nights full board accommodation in a Deluxe Cottage at Murex Manado
  • 6 Nights full board accommodation in a Hillside Deluxe Cottage at Murex Bangka
  • 21 guided boat snorkeling sessions (or scuba dives) including 2 guided boat snorkel sessions or dives on the transfer day from Manado to Bangka
  • Daily presentations by our professional presenters on a wide range of topics including; sea turtles, corals and coral reefs, wildlife of North Sulawesi (black macaques & tarsier monkeys), mangroves, bamboo and palm trees
  • Unlimited house reef snorkeling/diving (8am to 5pm)
  • All land-based activities including; Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Highlands Tour (Lake Tondano, Tomohon Market, Mahawu Volcano, Lake Linow and local villages, please note that highlands tour itinerary may change), Lihunu village tour, Mangrove Boat Cruises, Coral Farm and Nursery plus other optional tours.
  • Maximum 4:1 snorkeler to guide ratio
  • Unsurpassed guide attention and superlative resort service to compliment the entire event.
  • Welcome cocktail or mocktail upon arrival at Murex Manado
  • Event round up, dinner and entertainment on the closing night
  • All meals & snacks, brewed coffee, tea, drinking water
  • Roundtrip airport transfers
  • Free WiFi in resorts

Snorkelers: US $2,250 (per person based on double occupancy)

Divers: US $2,780 (per person based on double occupancy) / Nitrox upgrade: US $126


To make the most of this incredible event, we recommend arriving at Murex Manado 3 days before to enjoy some relaxing snorkeling in the Bunaken Marine Park and Manado Bay.

Stay for longer on Bangka Island after the closing of the event, with an optional 4 night extension and snorkel kaleidoscopic coral reefs or simply kickback and enjoy the relaxed island vibes.

Do you want to combine Explore More 2020 with the best muck snorkeling on Earth? Stay for 4 or more nights at Lembeh Resort and discover why the Lembeh Strait is known as the Critter Capital of the World! For pre-event and/or post-event extensions, contact us for prices.

For more information about the event, or to make a reservation, please email us on: