Snorkeling Benefits for Health and Fitness

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Snorkeling Benefits for Health and Fitness

Are you planning your next holiday? Are you keen to explore a new destination, a new culture and new experiences? Do you want to stay fit and maintain or improve on your health while you are away? Did you know that snorkeling is a fun and unique form of cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening?

It’s especially beneficial for those suffering from joint pain or limited mobility and who struggle to take other forms of exercise.  But, even if you don’t suffer from joint pain or limited mobility, snorkeling is great exercise! Why?  Read on to find out more…

Snorkeling Sulawesi
Snorkeling in North Sulawesi - maintain fitness and health while exploring the underwater world
Muscle Strengthening

Snorkeling, with or without fins, is a whole body workout. Every movement you make, whether with your arms, legs or back, forces your muscles to push against the natural resistance of the water. If you snorkel with fins, it provides an excellent leg workout because of the increased resistance of the fins against your legs. When diving down to investigate things below the surface, you push your muscles even harder to provide the fast kicking needed to overcome your natural buoyancy.

Snorkeling North Sulawesi
Maintain your fitness while discovering phenomenal snorkeling in North Sulawesi
Burning Calories

Of course, snorkeling will also burn up calories and help keep you in shape.  Most people burn between 250 and 300 calories per hour.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Snorkeling is also good for heart health (cardiovascular fitness).  As you snorkel and your heart rate increases, your heart pumps harder and grows stronger. Improved cardiovascular fitness is thoroughly worthwhile as it helps decrease the risk of certain health problems, such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Snorkeling also helps you build greater lung capacity when you are forced to hold your breath underwater for sustained periods of time.

Heath and snorkeling
Is there a better way to work out than by discovering phenomenal marine life?
Joint Mobility

Like any water-based exercise, snorkeling has the added benefit of providing healthy exercise to those with joint pain, stiffness or obesity problems.  Exercising in the water reduces the impact forces generally associated with other cardiovascular exercises like walking and jogging.  If you have trouble exercising because of movement restrictions, consider snorkeling as a means of kick-starting your exercise program.  Once you regain some mobility, you can move on to other exercises or increase the frequency and intensity of your snorkeling workout.

Yoga and snorkeling
Snorkeling encourages similar breathing techniques to those used in yoga
Mental Health

Exercise, including snorkeling, can help relieve stress and anxiety, according to the Mayo Clinic.  Exercise (of all types) releases endorphins that make you feel better as well as increases self-confidence. But, snorkeling takes mental health benefits even further. The controlled mouth breathing required of snorkelers is similar to many of the meditative breathing techniques that seek to relax and calm the body (such as yoga).

Being outdoors, being close to nature, being active and spending time with loved ones, are all also linked to mental health and well being. Snorkeling regularly may help you feel more calm and at ease through simple relaxation, enjoyment and fitness.

Snorkeling mental health
Snorkeling improves mental health in many ways including having meditative effects
Family Health and Happiness

Of course, it goes without saying that when our families are happy and healthy our family dynamics are healthy too! Snorkeling, exploring and adventure holidays bring families closer as you share experiences and discoveries together.

Snorkeling helps to keep kids active which prevents boredom, and discovering a new underwater world keeps them mentally stimulated. In addition to this, learning about marine environments is educational – in one of the most fun ways possible!

Family snorkelling holiday sulawesi
Planning Your Next Vacation

North Sulawesi is not just home to incredible snorkeling, there are a multitude of activities for those who want to stay active both in and out of the water.

Experience the thrill of white water rafting, trek to the summit of a volcano, explore the Minahasan highlands and discover North Sulawesi’s rarest wildlife in their natural habitats in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve.

Murex Resorts can tailor make your stay to include the activities that interest you most, and with our personalized service and friendly staff, you’ll experience an Indonesian holiday of a lifetime.

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