Explore The Wildlife of North Sulawesi


North Sulawesi is world famous for its endemic species and tropical wildlife. You’ll find everything from ornate butterflies through to larger species of primates, tropical birds and, of course, rare species of marine life.

One of the highlights of North Sulawesi is the Tangkoko Nature Reserve where you will see troops of black crested macaques living in the wild, along with tarsier monkeys. The tarsier monkey is the mascot of North Sulawesi and the smallest primate species on the planet.

Tarsier wildlife sulawesi
The tarsier monkey is the world's smallest primate

To see some of the incredible wildlife and flora of North Sulawesi you don’t even need to leave our resorts.

Murex Manado is a tropical garden resort set on the seafront. Take a walk around our extensive, mature gardens and you’ll find a plethora of orchids growing from the trees as well as tiny “chic-chac” lizards which are extremely cute and completely harmless.

Our gardens are complemented by streams and natural water features where you’ll also find colorful koi carp as well as freshwater fish and even shrimp.

Sulawesi orchids
A range of beautiful orchids can be found around Murex Manado

Murex Bangka Resort is also a hotspot for wildlife lovers. From crabs on the beach through to butterflies, Sulawesi tiger moths and birds in the jungle behind the resort you’ll be amazed by the different species you see.

At low tide, the rock pools are excellent for exploring and finding various marine life. Why not take a tour to our local village of Lihunu and you’ll experience trekking through natural mangroves and primary rainforest?

Sulawesi tiger moths are often spotted on the way to Lihunu village

Do you want to experience and see more of North Sulawesi while you are here?

Why limit yourself to exploring one area in North Sulawesi when you can discover three in one phenomenal trip? Bunaken -> Bangka -> Lembeh: Snorkel over the staggering shallow hard coral gardens of the Bunaken Marine Park, explore Bangka island’s kaleidoscopic reefs and discover the world’s most bizarre marine life in the Lembeh Strait. Snorkeling boat transfers from resort to resort mean no wasted travel days – just snorkel and explore your way around some of Indonesia’s richest reefs and land sites with our Passport to Paradise!

Explore more of North Sulawesi with a Passport to Paradise

Each location boasts a wealth of natural beauty, rich culture, stunning landscapes and a range of activities

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We look forward to exploring North Sulawesi with you soon!