Stunning coral gardens and kaleidoscopic reefs await you in North Sulawesi
Passport to Paradise is a unique snorkeling and adventure experience which allows you to explore three distinct destinations in one trip. You’ll have 150 snorkeling sites to choose from and with seamless boat transfers from resort to resort there’s no wasted transfer days, just grab your snorkel and mask, and you can snorkel during the transfer – you might even see dolphins along the way!
What Is Passport to Paradise and How Does it Work?

We operate in three very distinct locations in North Sulawesi  (Bunaken -> Bangka-> Lembeh)  they are boat rides apart and each location offers something very different to the others. If you are traveling to Indonesia then why not see all three when they are located so close together?

Passport to Paradise allows you to board the boat in the morning (as you would on a regular snorkeling day) but instead of returning back to the resort you started from, you’ll arrive in the next resort.

North Sulawesi Passport to Paradise

Passport to Paradise is a totally unique concept. There are no car journeys or wasted days travelling because you are snorkeling en route. If you are looking for an adventure holiday then this ticks all of the boxes. In between the resorts are remote islands and pristine coastline which are rarely seen by other visitors. Dolphin and pilot whale pods are often spotted along the way and you can jump in and swim and snorkel whenever the opportunity arises. On a Passport to Paradise the journey can be just as exciting as the destinations!

Passport to paradise

North Sulawesi is a snorkeler and adventurer’s dream destination situated in the heart of the coral triangle. Imagine 500 species of coral, more than 1,100 species of fish, 6 out of the 7 world turtle species, a migratory route for over 30 species of marine mammals and home to more than one third of all whale and dolphin species. To experience it all, you need to see it all and that’s why Passport to Paradise is our flagship package.

You’ll explore Bunaken Marine Park which is home to some of Indonesia’s best wall diving sites, Bangka Island which offers such an explosion of color it will leave you spellbound and the Lembeh Strait which has some of the strangest and rarest marine life in Indonesia.

When you are not discovering the underwater realm of North Sulawesi, there are tours and local villages as well as trekking, volcanoes, white water rafting and even paragliding to keep you entertained.

Explore North Sulawesi



The Bunaken Marine Park is one of Indonesia’s best snorkeling destinations. Not only will you be mesmerized by the stunning coral reefs and abundance of marine life, you’ll encounter numerous turtles along the way.

Our experienced snorkel guides will accompany you over some of South East Asia’s most stunning coral gardens and point out some of the rare and unusual marine life that we see on a daily basis. Prepare yourself for schools of damsel fish, hoards of sweet lips, encounters with moray eels, sting rays, hawksbill and green sea turtles as well as intriguing bottom dwellers.

Bunaken is well known for it’s staggering coral wall drop offs, so for those who are comfortable swimming out to the blue there is an amazing opportunity to snorkel in the open water and experience the crowds of fish that accumulate here. Bunaken is a snorkeling experience like no other on the planet. The warm water, shallow coral gardens and easy conditions make this suitable for all levels of snorkeler including children.

Manado Bay is gaining fame for it’s rare and unusual marine life. Many of the critters reside in very shallow water so you’ll be able to see scorpionfish, nudibranch, anemone fish and many other species from the surface.

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Discover North Sulawesi with a passport to paradise

Another breathtaking stop on our Passport to Paradise is Bangka Island. Bangka Island is surrounded by kaleidoscopic soft coral reefs which are teeming with life and bursting with color. Snorkeling around Bangka is like heaven on earth and you’ll see a multitude of marine species as you discover this incredible underwater world.

Our professional snorkel guides will accompany you over some of South East Asia’s most stunning coral gardens and point out some of the rare and unusual marine life that we see on a daily basis. They will ensure that you see the best reefs this region has to offer and you’ll be mesmerized by the abundance of fish which surround you.

Snorkeling around Bangka is an unforgettable experience. Whether you are visiting with friends, family or on your own, you’ll be creating memories which last a lifetime.

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Passport to paradise

One of the most intriguing destinations on our Passport to Paradise is the Lembeh Strait. The Lembeh Strait is a narrow channel which divides Lembeh Island (Pulau Lembeh) from the mainland of North Sulawesi – most notably the harbor town of Bitung. This calm body of water is world famous for it’s abundance of strange and unusual marine life. Lembeh is home to so many rare “critters” that it has become a haven for marine biologists who endeavour to discover more about the species which inhabit this region.

The Lembeh Strait boasts 25 snorkeling sites and each individual site in the Strait is unique, diverse and rich with marine life.

At the coral reef sites you will be immersed in color and surrounded by a plethora of tropical fish. Lembeh’s reefs, especially those at the north end of the Strait and on the east coast of Lembeh Island, are densely populated by a healthy, vibrant mix of both hard and soft corals.

Many of the species which reside on the black volcanic sand (muck) sites are camouflaged bottom dwellers and our team of professional snorkeling guides are experts at recognising them and sharing their sightings.

All of our Lembeh snorkeling guides are trained by our in-house marine biologists so you can rest assured that you are snorkeling these world famous sites in the hands of knowledgeable guides.

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Manadarin fish passport to paradise

Are you planning your next trip to North Sulawesi? Why limit yourself to just one area in North Sulawesi when you can visit three locations in one phenomenal trip? Bunaken -> Bangka -> Lembeh: Swim over the staggering coral walls of the Bunaken Marine Park, explore Bangka island’s kaleidoscopic reefs and discover the World’s weirdest critters in the Lembeh Strait. Boat transfers from resort to resort mean no wasted travel days – just snorkel and explore your way around some of Indonesia’s richest snorkeling sites.

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