Bangka snorkeling

Located across the water from Murex Bangka, Batu Mandi is one of our favorite snorkeling spots. Here you’ll find a series of rock pinnacles which breach the surface. Around these pinnacles there are shallow reef tops covered in a wonderful mix of hard and soft corals. Schooling fish are a common sight here but the real highlight is the diversity of fish of every shape, size and color. Look out for cuttlefish; squid just below the surface and blue spotted stingrays on the sand.

Batu Mandi

When translated from Indonesian to English, the name of this site is simply “Small Beach” – and it’s an incredibly beautiful one! The beach is only accessible by boat and one of the nicest ways to snorkel here is to enter the water from the boat and swim towards the shore. This route will take you over beautiful shallow gardens so you can really experience the marine life and corals up close. Common species at Pantai Kecil include Moorish idols, angelfish, anemonefish, trumpetfish, puffers, sweetlips, parrotfish, schools of damsel fish and even occasional turtles.

The white sand beach is also a nice spot for enjoying refreshments in between snorkel sessions.

Pantai Kecil

This is one of our favorite sites to snorkel by both day and night. During the day you’ll see a bounty of different reef fishes which hide themselves away during the nocturnal hours. As the sun goes down you’ll find moray eels swimming freely, parrotfish hiding in their protective bubbles, lionfish and a host of crustaceans.

Lionfish snorkeling bangka

This long stretch of coral reef is ideal for snorkelers of all levels. The shallow reef top offers excellent visibility and a diverse range of reef fish and critters. We highly recommend snorkeling here on more than one occasion in order to see everything it has to offer. Passing turtles are also a highlight.

Bangka snorkeling sites

This is one of the most iconic Bangka snorkeling sites for very good reasons. This series of underwater boulders and pinnacles are encrusted in hard corals and draped in kaleidoscopic soft corals, which attract hoards of fish. You’ll also have good chances here of seeing schooling fusiliers, yellow snappers and diverse reef life. Look out for (harmless) white tip reefs sharks cruising over the corals as well as patrolling tuna and barracuda out in the blue.

Snorkeling Bangka

This stunning coral reef is located directly in front of the resort – you’ll be able to step off the beach and find yourself in a world of color. The shallow areas offer healthy branching and hard corals which are shrouded by schools of tiny damselfish. If you swim further out to where the reef slopes away underneath you, you’ll see larger coral bommies which are decorated with vivid pink and orange soft corals. Other common fish sightings here include parrotfish, trumpetfish, anemonefish, sweetlips and occasional stingrays on the sand. Keep an eye out to the blue water for passing schools of silverfish and larger marine species.

Bangka House Reef

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