The Lembeh Strait is a narrow channel which divides Lembeh Island (Pulau Lembeh) from the mainland of North Sulawesi – most notably the harbor town of Bitung. This calm body of water is world famous for it’s abundance of strange and unusual marine life. Lembeh is home to so many rare “critters” that it has become a haven for marine biologists who endeavour to discover more about the species which inhabit this region.

The Lembeh Strait boasts 25 snorkeling sites and each individual site in the Strait is unique, diverse and rich with marine life.

At the coral reef sites you will be immersed in color and surrounded by a plethora of tropical fish. Lembeh’s reefs, especially those at the north end of the Strait and on the east coast of Lembeh Island, are densely populated by a healthy, vibrant mix of both hard and soft corals.

Many of the species which reside on the black volcanic sand (muck) sites are camouflaged bottom dwellers and our team of professional snorkeling guides are experts at recognizing them and sharing their sightings.

All of our Lembeh snorkeling guides are trained by our in-house marine biologists so you can rest assured that you are snorkeling these world-famous sites in the hands of knowledgeable guides.

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