Lembeh snorkeling



Pronounced “Maka-way-day” this impressive site consists of no less than three different sites which sit side by side. At all three of the Makawide sites you’ll find a wide variety of corals, including an abundance of mushroom coral. Makawide is a hotspot for schooling reef fish and yellow tail barracuda. Look out for ribbon eels among the reef and the endemic Banggai cardinal fish swimming amid anemones.

Banggai Cardinal fish Lembeh Snorkeling

This unique Lembeh snorkeling site is where reef meets rainforest – it’s a melting pot of corals among mangroves. When we snorkel here it’s possible to see archer fish which live in the shallows under the tree canopy. Archer fish feed off flying insects such as mosquitoes which they shoot down by spitting a jet of water at from beneath the surface. Other common species here include anemonefish and damsels.

Batu Angus is in a very calm and peaceful stretch of the Strait and it’s also a good option for combining with sea kayaking and bird watching.

Please note that an entrance fee applies of IDR 100,000 per person when snorkeling Batu Angus.

Lembeh Snorkeling Batu Angus

Pulau Putus offers a beautiful, shallow sponge and coral garden which is home to batfish, lobsters and numerous species of nudibranch. Look out on the sandy patches for stingrays which reside on the bottom.

Sting ray

This is a large area which needs to be snorkeled more than once to see everything that is on offer. The shallow reef means that you will be up close to the corals and marine life as you snorkel your way along the top of the coral wall. Look out for anemones which are home to groups of clownfish and other frequent sightings here include cuttlefish, nudibranch, scorpionfish and pipefish.

Lembeh Snorkeling

This interesting Lembeh snorkeling site is a combination of a shallow coral garden and black sand. The coral garden offers an abundance of soft corals among which a plethora of different reef fish can be spotted.

Highlights here include possible sightings of cuttlefish and batfish. Look out for clusters of bubble corals.

batfish snorkeling lembeh


This is another incredible Lembeh site with dense corals in the shallow waters and an abundance of diverse marine life. There are many anemones at this Lembeh snorkeling site and they are home to numerous different species of anemonefish, including the spinecheek.

Pintu Colada is also an incredible site for night snorkeling and fluo snorkeling – some of Lembeh’s most incredible critters come out after the sun has set!

Lembeh snorkeling


This world famous Lembeh snorkeling site is located on the west bank of the Lembeh Strait where the trees overhang the water and create a mix of green and blue. When you snorkel along the coral wall you’ll be be mesmerised by the sun beams that cast rainbows of color.

Marine life highlights here include a variety of nudibranch, schooling anthias and even giant frogfish.

snorkeling lembeh frogfish


In front of the resort is the House Reef, which is not only home to a multitude of critters but it is also where our reef structures are placed – which have been studied by marine biologists from around the world.

Lembeh House Reef is located in a small bay which is bordered by rocky embankments. The rocky cliffs provide shaded areas which are inhabited by juvenile pinnate batfish and schools of glass fish. The House Reef can be snorkeled numerous times and each session will reveal something surprising!

Lembeh snorkeling batfish

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