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This site is located on the east side of Bunaken Island, hence it’s name “timur” which means “east“ in Indonesian. This site offers a stunning shallow reef top where you’ll be surrounded in fish as you swim over vibrant corals. If you want to venture out to the blue you can snorkel over the drop off and you’ll see numerous turtles and schooling fish. This is one of our favorite Bunaken snorkeling sites because it is bursting with color and teeming with life.

Turtle snorkeling manado

This beautiful shallow reef top is perfect for snorkeling. The hard corals are home to large schools of brightly colored damsels and this is a good site for finding moray eels, clown fish, blue spotted sting rays on the sand and bumphead parrotfish. If you venture out over the drop off there are excellent chances of seeing sea turtles and eagle rays. At Sachiko’s Point anything is possible!

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LEKUAN (1,2 & 3)

This is iconic Bunaken snorkeling! These three snorkel sites sit side by side and form one long stretch of stunning coral reef. Lekuan sites offer phenomenal coral gardens which start from just a couple of meters deep so you’ll be able to see the vibrant corals and flourishing reef life up close. If you’d like to venture out over the deeper water there is a staggering coral wall drop off – snorkel over the top and you’ll be looking down in to the depths which are punctuated with schools of pyramid butterfly fish, red toothed trigger fish and the occasional surfacing sea turtle. This is a snorkelers dream come true.


This has to be one of the most picturesque and colorful reef tops you’ll see when snorkeling Bunaken Marine Park. You’ll be surrounded by clouds of reef fish including butterflyfish, anemone fish, damsels, angelfish, triggerfish and parrotfish. If you want to see the diversity and vibrancy of North Sulawesi underwater this must be on your bucket list. Swim over the drop-off and you’ll also be treated to sightings of passing turtles and occasional eagle rays.


This has got to be one of Bunaken’s best snorkeling sites. Experience stunning visibility and an array of hard corals which are swarming with clouds of colorful reef fish. Fukui is a sloping coral reef which starts at just a few meters deep so you’ll have the opportunity to get up close with the marine species here. If you venture out to the deeper water you’ll encounter moray eels, turtles and even passing eagle rays.

Fukui Snorkeling Manado


Poopoh is a must visit site for any avid snorkeler. Poopoh is actually the name of a small fishing village located on the sea front of the North Sulawesi coast line. Poopoh is what we call a combination site as you’ll experience a combination of “muck snorkeling” and reef snorkeling in one single session.

Starting out on the shallow black sand slopes you can expect to see some of North Sulawesi’s rarest critters and sea grass beds. If you venture out to the deeper water you’ll see how the reef top drops away below you and is awash with colorful soft corals and home to a huge concentration of fish species.

In 2012, marine biologists, Dr. Mark Erdmann and Dr. Gerry Allen conducted a fish count survey at this site. The results were that they recorded a total of 385 fish species over two scuba dives. You’ll also be able to witness this diversity while snorkeling.

Snorkeling Manado


This is a stunning snorkeling spot just minutes away from Murex Manado Resort. In the shallow waters you’ll find a diversity of hard corals, anemones and a stunning array of reef fish. This is an incredible site for avid coral enthusiasts. The hard, branching corals and schools of damsel fish which accumulate over them are mesmerizing.

Batas Kota


This unique site is just a short boat ride from Murex Manado which makes it a perfect spot for an afternoon snorkeling trip. The sea grass laden shallow reef beds are perfect for those who enjoy critter hunting. Take your time and you’ll be rewarded with sightings of seahorses, sting rays, flying gurnards, hermit crabs and many other incredible critters.

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Like City Extra, this snorkeling site is home to phenomenal sea grass beds. Did you know that sea grass beds are becoming increasingly rare? When sea grass beds are thriving, like this one, they provide habitat for a wealth of rare marine life, juvenile fish and are feeding grounds for dugongs (sea cows). In this extensive, shallow sea grass bed you’ll find pipefish, fingered dragonets, small frogfish, nudibranch and even sea snakes! Given the close proximity of this site to Murex Manado, our favorite time to snorkel here is in the afternoon.

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Having our beautiful House Reef, just a step of the beach, in front of the resort is one of the highlights of staying at Murex Manado. This shallow, healthy reef top offers a vibrant mix of hard and soft corals on a black sand bottom. There are numerous anemone patches which provide habitat to groups of clown fish; the coral bommies are surrounded by schools of brightly colored reef fish; and you’ll lose count of the number of electric blue sea stars you see in one expedition. This is a great spot for those who want to experience muck and reef snorkeling combined.

Murex House Reef

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